Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Suzuki Nine Knights presented by G-Shock

Flipping the massive Giant Hip

Hey guys,

what a month - August went by like a dream...

Finally my Suzuki Nine Knights event took place at Urlaubsarena Wildkogel. I'm so happy, cause everything went perfect, we were really lucky with the weather and all the riders has been more than stoked riding the courses.

For me it was a really big thing. After I couldn't ride by myself last year cause of my injury I was more than stoked sharing all the great vibes and moments with the other riders on my bike this year.
In the end I could share the highest air award with my Giant team mate Kurt Sorge - what a perfect end of an awesome week on Wildkogel mountain.

If you wanna se the photocontest results - just click here:

And here you can watch some nice videos:

Day 1+2:


 Official highlight Clip:


Enjoy the nice outcome, I hope you like it.
Feel free sharing it on your facebook pages and wherever you want.
Some other shots behind.

So see you soon, my season isn't finished yet - you can be curious, another serious video project is dropping online soon!



new part of the big air section, the Dotz drop and Sweet boner lock - epic?!

highest air
Nine Knights trail
Red Bull soccer tournament
fighting Kurt Sorge ;)

cow slalom
last night, photocontest and price giving - good times


Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

Suzuki Nine Knights presented by G-Shock - Building time

Hey guys,

it's time for an update about my season 2012.
At the moment I'm mainly lifing in Neukirchen, Austria for the Suzuki Nine Knights building process. I'm here for almost 3 weeks right now and Andi Brewi, myself and lots of the locals are super motivated in bringing the set up to the next level.

Next to that I'm riding some shows and doing photoshootings in the alps.
Also some videoprojects are in stock and I'm looking forward finishing all that projects.

Here some nice shots from building the set up up on Wildkogel mountain - enjoy:

more news coming soon.


Montag, 28. Mai 2012

bussy times

Hey all,

time went by, lots of things to do the last couple weeks:

The Suzuki Nine Knights event is coming closer and closer and I'm really bussy in organising and planning the event setup. Check out the new eventlogo and also the date is official right now:

Winterberg and the Red Bull Bergline event was my first stop after Gardasee festival. I arrived at the course and wasn't 100% sure if it's true riding such a big event already. Course was super sick, just the first big drop seemed to be super super big and hard. I was super pumped going for it, especialy after my 1st place in Riva but I decided skiping that event and staying save.
But however, good times meeting all the boys and girls again - check out the Contour crew on fire:

One week after the 26Trix in Leogang was already on. I just came back yesterday and I have to say: It wasn't really my weekend. I felt really bad on my bike and couldn't make it threw the qualis. My body felt strange and may be a bad flu is the answer why I couldn't ride like usual. But that's life, lots of things are coming up soon and I'm looking forward to it.
A good thing in Leogang was meeting the whole Nine Knights crew again. Good times, another moment I realized how amazing that event is and the fact that the locals and building crew is more a big family like an event crew.

Next to that a first shot of my super trail shooting with Markus Greber and Guido Tschugg in Riva del Garda is out. You can be looking forward to a nice story in the upcoming bike mags - check it out:

TV-Show Inpunkto:
Stoked I was invited to a big TV show in Germany - check out the report, my part starts at 11.20:

Thx Michael Kleber for this portrait photo - was lots of fun shooting with a new photographer, more pics are coming soon:

So that were mainly my last weeks. I hope you enjoed it. Lots of photo and videoshootings are coming soon right now. Click it episode 1 in 2012 is also in production and the Nine Knights "Wanna be a knight" video and event news are coming online these days.

Have good times on your bike.



Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

Bikefestival Riva del Garda, Italy

Hey guys,

good times went by, Riva del Garda was super sick.

The FMB bronze event was the first contest I rode after my long breake of being injured. I couldn't really realize that I got 1st in that first event. Soooo stoked, best thing could happen.
Here a video of the contests there:

Once again I can tell you:
When you get an injury, please take your time for training and rehab. It's a really bad feeling being off the bike and watch all the other guys riding and progressing, but it doesn't make sence riding again with may be 50% fitness and risk another injury.
So for me training and being seriously fit got an completly new focus in my life as a pro mountainbiker.
When you are 100% ready to go you feel way easier and relaxed and you can trasfer your skills from training into contest riding way easier. It definetly worth it!

Enjoy some pictures from Riva. Thx Tibor Simai, Stephan Koch, all the Pinzgau locals and good friends I met again for the great times. You guys rock!



Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar 7 - Liveshow

Hey guys,

time went by again and I'm finally back home after really stressfull times.

First I spent one week in Vienna for building the Vienna Air King course with Andi Brewi. Due to bad weather conditions I decided not riding the event, cause it was too risky for me after my long injury breake.
I did the co moderation of the Red bull live webcast, that was really exciting.

Than I was invited to the live sports show of Red Bull which has been so cool. I should jump into the Hangar 7 what was a really nice experience for me. Who jumped into the Hangar 7 before with a bike? ;)
The interview there included the Vienna Air King event as well as my plans for Suzuki Nine Knights this year and injuries as an pro athlete. Really important things though.
Watch the whole show HERE.
So stoked as well that I was allowed shooting some photos with Markus Greber there. So I promise you, we did really really nice shots. Be curious.

Thx to the guys of MC-Ramp for the mobile jump box.

Show was really good, a great pleasure being part of it.

So check out some impressions of Red Bull Hangar 7 - enjoy:

BO-105 just arrived, Wage and Michi

DC-6 just arrived, biggest plane in the Hangar

And these two chix came out the DC-6....

portraits with Markus Greber and Sabine

diving in, nice view

Greber in focus

Live on TV, just landed a backflip ;)

talk about the Vienna Air King and my projects as a bike pro.

Sonntag, 18. März 2012

Getting ready for 2012

Hey all,

last weeks have just been awesome. Weather is getting warmer and warmer and it feels so good riding dirtjumps and trails again after such a strong winter.
For me it's the most important thing getting 100% healthy again after my two injuries and surgeries 2011. So I spent lots of time in Sportschule Puch, on my cross country skies as well as in my home sling trainer and in physio rehab.
I can tell you what - take the time after injuries for getting really really ready again. Better a few more weeks off the bike and in physio and the gym then risking another crash cause of a not perfect trained body.
I had just a few dirtjump sessions right now and from the first moment on I realized that I've enough power and a really good feeling and that's what grows in your confidence to your body again and THAT's the most important thing in extreme sports.

So stay safe and use your brain before going out for a ride.
See you at the Vienna Air King in about 10 days. First FMB event 2012.

Here some impressions of my last weeks - enjoy:
Sling home training, best thing ever!

Latsch, south tirol by Stephan Koch

Latsch, south tirol by Stephan Koch

Latsch, south tiro, by Stephan Koch

Vienna, Sesh with Andi Brewi by Andi Brewi

Vienna, by Andi Brewi

Vienna, getting back my sevens by Andi Brewi

riding my homespot again - BA-Trails Bad Aibling



Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Local show Bikenight Kesselhaus

Hey boys and girls,

a few days ago Andi Brewi and myself had the chance to promote our sport at a really unique location.

The so called Kesselhaus 3km next to my hometown is a nice party location and the Team presentation of the Ralph Denk road cycling team was the event we could test our mobile ramp for the first time.

Thx MC-Ramps for that amazing set up, now we are ready to ride shows all day, every day and where ever you want :)

What an amazing feeling to be back on the dirtbike after really long time. Shows worked out really good and even the trick level was really good in the last few runs. Stoked to see at what little places we can promote our sport to an nice audience of more than 300 people.

Here you can watch a little VIDEO about the training runs with a short interview:

Pictures are telling more than 1000 words:

See you soon,